Discover Piloting

Ever dreamed of taking the controls of an aircraft?
You are at the right address. It is indeed through this introductory flight you ‘ll discover the basics of piloting .
Your adventure begins with a 15 mn briefing during which you will discover the aircraft , its performances , airfield infrastructures and  the surrounding airspace .
After  briefing, the long awaited moment of take-off will be imminent for a 60 mn flight. Checklist, taxi, takeoff , altitude hold, heading hold , all these steps will allow you to live a unique moment.
Then comes the moment of landing , which will be followed by a 15 mn debriefing of your flight.
Accompanied by a professional (former airline pilot ) , you will see your skills improve after a while . The advice of this professional will be invaluable during this flight . All your questions will be welcomed .